Looking for a tasty treat, a heathy bite or fuel for your run? Pinole is for you. 


Mexico's superfood


Pinole is Mexico’s best kept secret. It's a powder but also, so much more. Our pinole is made of beautiful dark blue corn, a heritage seed grown on an active volcano in Mexico by indigenous communities. This corn packs quite a nutritional punch as the food with the highest amount of antioxidants! 

A gluten-free secret


Pinole has a unique smokey flavour that blends in both savoury and sweet dishes. Its versatility means you can add it in your smoothie in the morning, or your hot chocolate at night. You can make exceptional baked foods like pancakes, cornbread, cakes and more! Check out our recipes to get inspired... and inspire us in turn by sending us your creations!

A taste of the past


Pinole was first prepared by the Aztecs. It was the ultimate safety food in times of food shortages as it can last for up to 5 years, whereas dry corn only keeps for up to one year only.  It is also easy to carry when traveling long distances. Traditionally, mothers would throw kernels on the comal, the traditional cooking grill, to toast the corn before grinding it with sugar as a sweet treat for their children. This is why pinole reminds so many Mexicans today of warm memories of home with their mothers.

The Tarahumara


If you love running, you may have heard of the Tarahumara, the superheroes of long distances popularised in the book Born to Run. The Tarahumara are a tribe in Mexico that run as a way of living. Men wear short white skirts and billowing red shirts, running through mountains in sandals. Their secret? Pinole (amongst other secrets...) They always run with a little bag of pinole attached to their belt.