First sports nutrition made of pinole designed to keep you moving

The story

Peak Pinole is our range of sports nutrition made from blue corn pinole – the ancient Aztec fuel of the legendary long-distance runners, the Tarahumara. They run for the sheer joy of movement, carrying a small sack of pinole for sustenance so they never need to worry about running out of energy as they rack up the miles.

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The past

The Aztecs stored pinole for times of need or famine. Unlike dry corn, pinole can keep for up to five years! The Aztecs prepared pinole in a warming drink or a cooling refreshment. They also used it as an important travel food. It was easy and light to carry (unlike sacks of corn), and incredibly tasty and nutritious.


The present

Pinole is still the favoured fuel of the Tarahumara, the best ultra-runners in the world. They can go for hundreds of miles on sandals in the Copper Canyons in Mexico. They were celebrated in the best-seller Born to Run, as the tribe who never lost the joy of running nor perverted their running technique by wearing sneakers… They still run on sandals today but use tyres for the sole.

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The future

Peak Pinole is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Aztecs. We’re excited to adapt this ancient travel food into the best sports food to keep you going mile after mile, carrying on the Tarahumara’s love for running. Finally, we ensure Peak Pinole is made of heritage corn that has been passed on from generation to generation in Mexico. We live in a world of dwindling biodiversity and it’s important to preserve these seeds for the future.

I’ve been using Peak Pinole Ultra Bites as part of my nutrition plan for all my races and training, including the Mt Gaoligong 100 miler in China and the IAU European 24 Championships. The texture of them really works for me, they almost melt in the mouth, which is really helpful deep into an ultra when eating real food can be hard. They are small and robust enough to be able to carry throughout a long run and give you that all important kick we all need.
— Dan Lawson, 2016 European 24 Hour champion