Alexandra Littaye is a French-American academic and a boxer, with one foot in Brussels and the other in Oxford. During her research, she would avoid libraries to slip into the boxing ring, winning amateur belts in Mexico, Belgium and the UK. 

She’s managed to combine both her drive to win and her research into a start-up, Azure. Her dedication is twofold: support the network of farmers she lived with in Mexico and provide an exceptionally tasty and unusual product. 

In a previous life, Alexandra worked as a philosophy lecturer in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Before that, she studied philosophy and literature at Warwick University and environmental policy at Oxford University. Alexandra’s greatest regret is her need and love for sleep. She’d rather read books all night long.  

She’s permanently struggling to try out new ideas and has an unhealthy tendency to want to hear as many thoughts from others as possible. So please do not hesitate in getting in touch and sharing your own!