Standing on the shoulder of… ordinary folk


There is the cult of the founder that is taking over our bookshelves and the best-seller book lists. The Jeff Bezos, Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs, the Steve Jobs etc. Modern heroes of our time, bringing the future to our doorstep.

I am in no shape or form comparing myself to these tycoons. I just want to make a point about my experience which is: you never ever ever make it on your own. The people that surround you and the element of luck are undeniable to any success story.

I made about 700 bars several months ago. Everything that could go wrong before I started went wrong. My landlords asked me to move out for a month because they were hosting their niece. I was homeless and more importantly kitchenless.

This is where the protective umbrella of your peers gently open above you to protect you from the deluge of s*** that’s pouring down.

-       My friend who was working with me at the time had a place we could “cook” in.

-       His housemate hadn’t moved in yet so we could store 30kg of ingredients in his room and when making slabs of bars, leave them to cool down at night in the shade of his unused shelves.

-       My mentors immediately opened their doors to me and let me invade their 3rd floor for a month. I love you dearly second family.

-       We failed our first batch of 100 bars (Murphy’s law is an inevitable b****) so we were late in finishing up. It would have cost about £200-£300 in postage to have our bars arrive in time for the 3TC team’s departure for the Tour de France…

-       Another angel arrived amongst our mists: a friend lent us his car to drive that day down to our athletes and home deliver their bars.

It’s just a very small example of the amazing amount of luck I have had when heading towards the wall. People, whether friends or strangers, have stepped up again and again to catch me tripping. It’s almost been a year in the making of Azure. Even if we don’t get further, this type of humbling experiences definitely made it worth it.