Choosing a brand logo


The need for a logo was somewhat forced on me. In an attempt to understand the demand for pinole in the UK, I made a couple phone calls to online distributors of Mexican foods who immediately asked to receive samples. Which I was happy to do… but I wanted to send them pinole with Azure’s logo on the package. Not just a brown paper bag. 

I was pressed for time so I went for 99Designs. I was first told off by my better half who warned me I was robbing independent designers of a job. I felt unbelievably guilty towards a friend who is a designer, a really good designer, and who I kept out of the loop… Promise when I have more time, I will go to an independent designer.

The hardest part of designing a logo is… who on earth are you?!??!! Is your company more… feminine or masculine? More modern or old-school? Authentic? Rustic? Simple? Sophisticated? As a feminist, I’m more inclined towards the gender neutral but apparently, as I’ve discovered, I like ‘feminine’ logos. Go figure. 

  • First lesson: find a boat load of logos you like. Copy paste them and show them to your designer.

  • Second lesson: give direction! Designers are fabulously creative but also, sometimes, fabulously lazy. They’ll try recycling old designs on you sometimes.

  • Third lesson: make sure you keep true to your core value.

  • Most important lesson of all: WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO APPEAL TO!?!?!!

I started by wanting a yummy-mummy slick sexy logo. And I got some! But then I remembered I was starting Azure by appealing to Latin American residents of the UK and of Europe. The design changed radically to wanting something more rustic, authentic, evocative of childhood, humble and homey. 

Don’t stop asking till your satisfied! 

Another tip, if I may: please be kind to your designers. Tell them they are doing a good job when they are. And write them an appreciative note for their efforts. I was slightly nauseous at having to choose only one logo out of so many I loved… But I am thrilled with the logo I ended up with! 

Merci June-July!