Azure Foods


The original Mexican superfood


Azure is a young startup that grew out of a PhD at Oxford University and the desire to find a solution to alleviate the poverty of indigenous farming communities in Mexico. After years of research on an active volcano, our founder decided to turn her ideas into a start-up.

The solution is simple: sell pinole. Pinole is a tasty flour made of toasted blue corn. Our producers use a traditional Aztec recipe that guaranteed a shelf-life of up to 5 years! It’s the secret ingredient that the Tarahumara carry with them on their long runs in sandals in the mountains… If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you can find out here.

Our pinole is made from blue corn grown through traditional farming techniques passed on from generation to generation: milpa farming (or intercropping). Farmers grow three different crops in symbiosis on a single plot of land, without the need of artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

This way, by buying and eating Azure pinole, you are directly supporting:

  • the preservation of indigenous cultural practices,
  • the rich genetic biodiversity of corn in an age of climate change, and
  • the economic welfare of indigenous communities.

On this website, you’ll find more about the ethos of Azure, our producers, recipes for yummy pinole desserts and more!


Azure is a social enterprise supporting Mexican indigenous farmers

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